Feryl announces new single ‘BooHoo’!

SOMETIMES PEOPLE JUST NEED TO BE PUT IN THEIR MUTHA TUCKIN’ PLACE! AM I RIGHT? FERYL: “The title track is an F-YOU to money grabbers and those that put possessions before emotion & it’s a sweet little reminder to be kinder to music artists… or else you might just become the subject of a banging […]


Feryl will be performing at super trendy venue Moustache Bar, London 16/01/2021! Highly renowned promoter ‘More Live’ are hosting an array of quality performances and this new collaboration is just another step in the right direction. Tickets start at £9 and are available HERE.

‘Wavey Live Tour’… Part 2!

Exciting times guys, after the success of the last show I’m putting on PART 2! This comes with a professional videographer, a sound man AND the launch of my clothing line! December 27th 4pm BST will see me host the show in a MUCH bigger location and tickets start at just £5.85 with proceeds going […]

Feryl signs to Shodement AND announces ‘Wavey Live Tour’.

Showcasing a new way of representing artists and broadcasting shows ACROSS THE WORLD, Feryl has signed to Shodement. As way of celebrating Feryl will be performing LIVE 10/10/2020, including tracks from E.P “RELEASE”, debut album “The Next Level”, new single “Wavey” AND never before heard new songs!