My highlight of 2016 was releasing a brand new track, "Room 13" which was written about hitting hard at depression. Life puts hurdles in our way but this year has taught me about smashing through them and leaving a trail of debris behind me whilst moving forward & feeling free. Buy the track NOW!

FAST CARS AND KILLER TRACKS: Recently I was asked to submit a track for a car advert so I thought it was apt that I send a sample of "Red Hot". The brief was 'upbeat commercial pop'. I'm excited to have the chance to showcase what I do to such a high profile client.

DO IT WITH PRIDE: On another note I have been booked for my first Pride performance for 2017! More news to come soon... 

My return to Ibiza for the 3rd year was INCREDIBLE. 

My best buddy met me on the island, we partied like tomorrow would never come and the performance at Punta Arabi was a huge game changer for me. 

I was hitting notes I've not touched in YEARS and I had a few revelations that have helped to channel where my future sound is going. I'm back in the studio January 2017!